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Sometimes people are reluctant to come for counselling, for various reasons. Whilst some may find the prospect of talking to a stranger about their problems a little daunting, others are unsure as to how talking about their problems will help. In the first few sessions, I help clients to feel comfortable in talking through their problems, and aim to build their trust in both me and the therapeutic process. 

It is a commonly-held conception that talking about the past is a waste of time because we can’t change what has already happened, but this is where counselling is extremely valuable. As humans we sometimes get stuck on past events that we seem unable to move on from. This can lead to low self-esteem or feeling down.

We feel we can’t talk about our problems to others, or when we do talk we find little resolve. Unprocessed childhood or past events can negatively impact on present-day life without us even noticing; for example, we might find friendships or relationships in general difficult to handle but don’t understand why.

Or we may feel plagued with unhelpful thoughts and are unaware that their roots lie in a difficult past event that we have not yet processed.







During my counselling career I have supported clients in exploring difficulties that stem from relationships with parents during childhood, or issues occurring from the more recent past, and in doing so have received very positive feedback on the insight in to themselves that clients have gained. I truly believe that understanding how we tick as individuals opens up the pathway to self-acceptance, which in turn leads to a freer and more contented life. 

How long clients come for counselling is down to individual choice and depends on the nature of the issues being brought to the counselling room.  Whilst some clients may choose to come for longer-term counselling and explore childhood difficulties that impact in some way on present-day life, others might decide upon a small amount of sessions to help them cope with, for example, divorce, redundancy, or to help them make a life-changing decision. 


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